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Risk Assessment, Certification & Technical Services

Passive Fire, Installation, Rectification and Construction Services
Risk Assessment, Certification & Technical Services

Annual Fire Safety Inspection & Reports

Bowsers is one of the few companies with a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced passive fire auditors.

Inspection Capability

We can inspect any building against the relevant Building Codes and Australian Standards regardless of building design or location.

Having a dedicated team allows for the ability to conduct inspections at relatively short notice regardless of geographic location.

Our auditors specialise in auditing and certifying passive fire systems relating to:

  • Fire seals and service penetrations
  • Fire dampers
  • Fire doors, frames and hardware
  • Lightweight construction

Inspection Process & Reporting Features

Bowsers has developed a proprietary inspection and audit software application to facilitate efficient and accurate data capture with the additional ability to generate timely reports and compliance certificates.


As part of the audit process any defected items are clearly specified with photographic support to detail the reason for non-compliance. Furthermore the cost of rectification is provided against each individual defect.

Providing detailed reports post inspection provides clients complete transparency to ensure a clear understanding of issues and what is required to resolve them.

Compliance certification is provided as appropriate to the inspection findings, however is also kept on record in case of client need in future circumstances.

Client Passive Fire Asset Registers

The Bowsers audit software is designed to generate a passive fire asset register in order to comply with all facets of the Australian Standards – an important factor for many clients.


Many clients minimise risk and ensure compliance through assessment against the passive fire asset register.

Contact us now to discuss the development of your passive fire asset register


Construction Assurance Services

person-constructionBowsers provides assurance services to professional commercial builders during the construction or refurbishment period for medium to large projects.

To mitigate the risk of non-compliance during the construction phase, Bowsers’ audit team members regularly attend site to review and assess works complete by various subcontractors.

Systems reviewed include:

  • fire dampers
  • fire seals protecting openings in fire resisting building element
  • lightweight construction

Regular site visits

Our inspectors work in conjunction with site project managers to review work during the construction phase. During the site inspection, Bowsers’ auditors log any defects and provide rectification instructions such that works can be completed to the appropriate standard. On rectification, Bowsers provide a compliance statement, ensuring all parties are confident that the building will comply with standards.

Enhance compliance standards

Typically the earlier the assurance service is provided onsite the better the performance from subcontractors who better understand the materials and level of workmanship required to deliver the appropriate level of quality to meet standards.

In the event that defects are not rectified to the appropriate standard or within an appropriate timeframe, Bowsers will assist in completing the rectification works directly for the builder or asset owner.

Minimise risk

Through our assurance service, builders can mitigate the risk of non-compliance and consequent associated costs for rectification work in the building’s tenanted or operating environment.

HVAC Systems Passive Risk Assessment

Bowsers is the market leader in fire damper audit and risk assessment services in Australia.


We provide damper inspection services directly to building owners or more commonly to professional HVAC service and maintenance firms, where we work alongside air conditioning and refrigeration technicians to ensure passive fire compliance in relation to mechanical, intumescent and smoke dampers.

We provide specialist audit inspection and supporting technical advice to support the incumbent HVAC service provider in the following areas:

  • development and maintenance of the compulsory building fire damper asset register
  • maintenance of the inspection schedule against the register to ensure the appropriate 20% of fire dampers are inspected annually in accordance with AS1851
  • generation of compliance certificates or detailed defect reports with photographic & budgetary support for any rectification works

Support to HVAC service providers

Bowsers can also support HVAC firms that have been awarded new HVAC service and maintenance contracts through undertaking a “Whole of Building” fire damper review. This review ensures an accurate fire damper asset register is developed that indicates the level of compliance throughout the building. From this baseline, risks associated with non-compliance can be assessed and subsequent rectification works can be financially quantified allowing for rectification budgets to be developed in conjunction with the building owner.

For larger clients, we can conduct such reviews on multiple asset portfolios.

Fire damper service agreements

Bowsers is happy to enter into service agreements with HVAC providers that align to building service contracts to ensure professional support and client satisfaction.

Contact us at to discuss our services further.

Fire Door and Door Frame Risk assessment

Fire doors are an integral component of a building’s fire safety requirements. The correct supply, installation and maintenance of fire doors is critical to ensure the safety of the occupants of the building in the event of a fire.

Australian Standard AS1851.2005 is the current Australian Standard to which all fire doors should be maintained. This Standard includes a rigorous checklist, which when complied with, ensures the fire doors will operate and perform correctly in the case of a fire.



Bowsers is one of the few companies with a dedicated team of highly trained and experienced passive fire door auditors who are QBCC licensed.


Inspection Capability

We can inspect any building against the relevant Building Codes and Australian Standards regardless of building design or location.

We offer an annual compliance audit which can be scheduled at a time to mitigate interruption to the daily use patterns of a building.

Fire Door Asset Registers

The Bowsers audit software is designed to generate a passive fire asset register in order to comply with all facets of the Australian Standards.


Passive Fire Engineering and Technical Services

Bowsers provides a unique combination of passive fire technical advisory services to certifiers, engineers, construction managers, builders and property owners.

The Bowsers’ team has over 200 years of combined experience in the passive fire industry. We have one of the few dedicated inspection, auditing and certifying teams in Australia. This team provides the following technical advisory services include:

  • passive fire safety strategy – review and assessment
  • engineering design – assessment and validation
  • construction optimisation
  • cost assessment services
  • assistance with meeting compliance requirements of any Fire Safety Order imposed by council

Annual Building Audit Service Agreements

damper-service-agreementBuildings require fire safety certification annually. Bowsers specialises in inspection and assessment of passive fire systems, with a dedicated team that can be deployed to professionally review and audit any building in Australia.

Our inspectors make considerable investment in time and effort to become familiar with the nuances of each site, from the original construction methodology to the current building use.

Benefits of site knowledge

The benefit to clients through entering into an inspection service agreement is that they can fully utilise the expert knowledge our auditors have of each site. Typically we assign one of our auditors to specific buildings, however our proprietary audit software allows for our internal team to share site knowledge and tap into technical skills as required, ensuring continuity of relationship regardless of which member of our team attends site.

Enhance compliance standards

Clients also benefit from the development of passive fire asset registers that can be used for overall building risk assessment and longer term assurance of legislatory compliance requirements.