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Passive Fire, Installation, Rectification and Construction Services

Passive Fire, Installation, Rectification and Construction Services
Risk Assessment, Certification & Technical Services

Whole or Part Building Fire Safety Compliance Upgrades

Bowsers is one of the few service providers in Australia uniquely positioned to provide installation and rectification of passive fire systems on large scale major refurbishment or whole of building projects.

Our internal team consists of project managers, site supervisors and highly skilled trade personnel who specialise in passive fire rating. Having all resources in-house means Bowsers can manage construction schedules according to site requirements and ensure all works are delivered to Australian standards.

Our team is available to deliver major projects anywhere in QLD and will do so on a fixed cost basis. Get in touch to find out how we can assist.

Some relevant projects include:

Large 100 unit residential development – whole of building passive fire upgrade

Following end of warranty inspections undertaken on behalf of the strata committee significant issues were discovered that required major rectification.

Bowsers was engaged to upgrade all works, made more complex as the building was fully tenanted. Bowsers was able to schedule trades personnel in order to minimise disruption to the occupants of the building, whilst ensuring the works were completed to meet BCA and Australian Standards.


55 Storey Premium Grade Office Tower – Fire Damper compliance upgrade

Bowsers was engaged by the property manager to undertake the compliance upgrade works of over 400 fire dampers in conjunction with the incumbent HVAC service provider.

Through scheduling enough trades personnel on day and night shift, the works were completed well in advance of the original project deadline, allowing for the building refurbishment and fitout to be completed well in advance of tenant expectations.


landmark-hotelLandmark Hotel 270 room hotel – a whole of building passive fire upgrade

Bowsers was engaged by the property owner to undertake the compliance upgrade works over 30 storeys as the building was refurbished.

Bowsers project management professionals engaged with the site building contractor to work in with overall site schedules and other trades. The Bowsers team were able to complete all works as per the scope, ensuring budget and safety measures were achieved per code and BCA requirements.

Regional / remote power station – fire stopping of service penetrations

Bowsers was awarded the contract to complete major works in a remote power station. Bowsers was able to deploy a dedicated project team to complete the works and ensure that all site safety requirements were adhered to in a complex operating environment.


Major Private Hospital – Fire Door Installation and Maintenance

Bowsers was involved in the installation of all fire doors and frames for one of Queensland’s largest hospitals. Bowsers project team worked in conjunction with the builder to ensure all works were completed on time without any disruption to the day to day activities of the busy hospital.


Installation of Fire Doors & Metal Door Frames

We specialise in the supply, installation and project management of fire doors and metal door frames



We only use top quality manufacturers to ensure a quality installation that complies with the stringent requirements of Australian Standards AS 1530.4 and AS1905.1. These fire doors can be supplied in numerous finishes and sizes to suit many applications.



Our carpenters are competent in all aspects of fire door installation. We are certain that you will find all our supervisors and installers to be prompt, professional and courteous at all times. All our installations are tagged and certified on completion of installation.


Project Management

Our professional fire door project management team provides technical and site scheduling skills to busy builders and site managers. The team is frequently acknowledged as the most reliable and dependable in the Queensland market, specialising in close working relationships with builders to ensure all site requirements for safety, quality and adherence to schedules are met.

We offer fixed price installation for the installation of fire doors and frames. Our estimating department is experienced in providing detailed responses to tender requests in a timely manner.


We can provide technical advice based on our years of experience as to the best option for your particular site requirements.

We provide certification on completion of works.

Contact us at for pricing

Maintenance of Fire Doors, to AS1851.2005

Bowsers specialise in the ongoing maintenance of fire doors and metal door frames to ensure compliance to Australian Standard AS1851.2005.

This standard includes a rigorous checklist which, when complied with, ensures the fire doors will operate and perform correctly in the case of a fire.

Bowsers can offer cost effective maintenance solutions for your fire door installations to ensure

  • they operate as designed
  • they meet compliance standards for annual audit
  • replacement & repairs are carried out in a timely and cost effective manner should your existing fire doors get damaged or be defective in any way.


Fire Door Maintenance Service Agreements

We offer fixed service agreements for annual maintenance inspections and risk assessments. Our service agreements feature fixed repair or replacement pricing at agreed pricing levels.


Such service agreements offer peace of mind to ensure maximum compliance at a predictable maintenance cost.

Fire Dampers & HVAC systems

Bowsers is an industry specialist when it comes to the installation, rectification or maintenance of mechanical and intumescent fire & smoke dampers in accordance with AS1682.2 and AS1851.



Importance of experience

We ensure that, once installed or repaired, the damper will not only be compliant as to its operational specification our methodology will prevent smoke and flames forming a pathway outside or around the damper – a defect commonly seen when installation is undertaken by inexperienced technicians.


Fire damper asset register

Bowsers ensures that all works relating to installation, rectification or maintenance of fire dampers in accordance with AS1682.2 and AS1851 will be recorded in a site specific asset register to ensure the adequate monitoring of compliance over time.

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Service Penetrations and Fire Seals

Bowsers specialise in the protection of openings that penetrate fire rated elements.

Passive fire measures aim at containing or slowing the spread of fire through the use of elements such as fire resistant walls, floors and doors.  These elements are designed with a Fire Resistance Level (FRL).


Risk occurs when services such as pipes or cables are installed through fire rated elements without adequate protection. The FRL of the elements may therefore be compromised exposing the building to risk of spread of fire between fire compartments.



Right system, correct installation

A range of systems have been developed by specialist manufacturers to seal such penetrations.  These systems are independently tested and certified for specific uses and site conditions.

Building compliance and certification is only valid when the choice of passive fire sealing system, its location and installation matches the tested prototype.



Bowsers’ management, supervisors and trades personnel are experienced in the installation of protective measures to ensure FRLs meet building design and BCA requirements.

Bowsers specialise in the installation and rectification of:

  • Fire Pillows
  • Fire Collars
  • Fire Rated Board Systems