• How We Work

    How We Work

Bowsers How we work

Installation Overview

Construction Phase
Bowsers work closely with architects, certifiers and services engineers to ensure optimal outcomes for the installation of passive fire rating systems in new construction. 

Bowsers can supply and install various passive fire rating systems and products for builders or subcontractors. Ensuring a compliant installation that is guaranteed and certified.

Operations and  Maintenance Phase
Bowsers has a team of auditors who specialise in the annual maintenance assessment of passive fire rating systems. They can audit buildings against all relevant Codes,  Standards and Performance Solutions. 

An itemised written and photographic report is prepared listing all items inspected along with costs to complete any repairs. Bowsers can also provide pricing to clients based on reports prepared by other parties. Bowsers can also provide specialised staff to complete any repairs as required. All works are guaranteed and certified.