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Our Team

Bowsers only employ the best in every field, with dedicated specialists that work as part of a team to perform passive fire protection installations, inspections, certifications and manage projects. We are renowned throughout the industry to stay with you through the life of your project, and along with the more than 40 people we employ throughout Sydney, Canberra and Brisbane, we manage subcontractors as required to ensure we have more than enough resources.

Dominic Neate

Managing Director
Has worked in the construction and building services industry since 1993 and been in charge of Bowsers since 2002.



Paul Roseworn
Has worked in various engineering industry sectors since 1986 and joined Bowsers in 2002. He became a Director in 2008 holds post graduate qualifications Building Fire Safety & Risk Engineering.



James Greig
NSW Operations Manager
Specialises in people and project management. He has been an integral part of our team since 2005.