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Our History

Bowsers has been well known in the passive fire protection industry since the 1970’s. Bowsers progressed from its early beginnings into the fire rating of air conditioning ductwork, structural steel, and the turbines of numerous power stations throughout Australia. As a result of this specialist expertise, Bowsers secured work on several iconic sites, such as the Sydney Opera House.

In 1986, Bowsers won a contract to install passive fire protection systems in the new Parliament House in Canberra. This project saw Bowsers consolidate its position as passive fire-rating specialists; a role which encompassed the spraying of vermiculite, plaster and intumescent coatings; as well as fire rated board encasement, the sealing of service penetrations and the installation of fire collars. More recently, Bowsers has inspected and rectified the installation of fire dampers.

The present owners acquired Bowsers in 2002, and have continued to consolidate its reputation in delivering unparalleled levels of workmanship and service in the installation and inspection of passive fire protection systems. Today, Bowsers is the number one choice for experienced building, construction, engineering and property managers who need dedicated fire-rating specialists.